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God's favorite lens is i guess a good macro!

How close you can get to yourself?
Lying belly down in grasslands and wild shrubs with a good macro lens, i found the answer nestled between recesses of a wild plant lost in a sub-himalayan ecosystem. To me, well, it was like god posing for me in a waft of sunlight that appeared suddenly as if on cue! (Still trundling among the himalayan shrubbery!)

give me fuel!

Hi there,
well. here i am sitting pretty with my brand new site! i am gonna keep going... among other things, what i need are your comments--feed back--if you may. in other words, give me fuel!!

Taking pictures in low light!

Sitting here in wilderness in the Himalayas with an overcast sky, I am wondering...too low a light for any good pic...but hold on
if you light that lamp within your heart...only if you will, you'll have ample light, believe me!

Off to a photography expedition

Currently I am on a tour to Kangra, Himachal Pradesh . Plan to share some new photographs soon.

Till then you can look around and enjoy the photographs posted in the portfolio. And if you like my photographs or have something to share do drop in a mail using my contact form.

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